Year of the Dog

I know, I haven’t posted in a while. The truth is that I haven’t been writing. On previous occasions where I hit that wall, I could find something to push me through it. That hasn’t been the case for the past couple of months. My usual deadlines arrived, I shrugged my shoulders and let them pass.

Bargaining with myself hasn’t worked… “If you post something this time, you can have this pack of biscuits…”

Rewarding myself hasn’t worked… “Have the biscuits first, then you can write something…”

Criticizing myself wasn’t working… “You’ve eaten all those biscuits and still haven’t written anything, for fecksake!”

So, I haven’t been writing, I haven’t felt guilty about it, but at least I got through all the leftover treats from Christmas.

What’s changed? Well, on January 16th, 2018, I got in the car, drove to Collon Animal Sanctuary and collected Denzel.


Denzel is a five-year-old Collie cross (still not entirely sure what with, but I reckon Springer Spaniel or Labrador could be in the mix). His previous owner wasn’t well enough to keep him and had to give him up. Denzel is mild-mannered, affectionate, and also doesn’t care if I’m writing or not. He just wants scratchies…


Denzel doesn’t care if I’m writing or not when he could be out on a walk, sniffing about in the leaves, being held back from diving into a puddle of water.


Denzel doesn’t care if I’m writing or not when he could be left alone to nap on the only armchair in the room.


Denzel doesn’t care if I’m writing or not when he’s strutting about the kitchen in a blanket.


All Denzel really cares about is doing things that he enjoys and, I guess, there’s a lesson in that for me. I enjoy writing. I think I had forgotten that, but having Denzel about has helped to remind me. He’s a very good boy.

So, as of now, I’m back writing, whether Denzel cares or not. It means he’ll have a little more time to do the things that he loves too.

Like this… whatever this is…