Nathan Carter’s Deal with the Devil

Even from a young age, Nathan wanted to be a star. Growing up in Liverpool, the city of The Beatles, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Boo Radleys, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood, it’s bound to have an effect. Sure, Nathan grew up with traditional Irish music and he practiced the accordion, but that was just the beginning for him. He wanted to be a star. Bigger than The Beatles? Why not? If The Beatles could think they were bigger than Jesus, there was no reason for Nathan to think he couldn’t be bigger than The Beatles. Hell, he could be bigger than both of them.

One night, still barely a teenager, Nathan had a dream. “I want to be famous… for my music…” he thought. “I want to be on TV… maybe even… host my own show… to be adored… to be true to my roots… to be the next great… Liverpool sensation… for the women to all… fancy me and… have fans that love me and… screaming audiences…”

Nathan wanted all of these things. As he continued to dream, an unfamiliar voice spoke to him.

You can have all of these things,” it said.

The voice was not Nathan’s own or like any voice he had heard before. How was someone else speaking to him in his dream?

You can have all of these things,” it said again, in a warm, inviting tone.

Still dreaming, Nathan asked “How? What do I need to do to get all of these things that I want?” A gentle laugh returned…

Give it your soul…” the voice said, “just… give your soul…

Nathan thought about this and knew that he would put his heart and soul into pursuing his dreams. “I can do that,” Nathan answered the voice inside his dream.

Can you?” it whispered, “Will you give your soul?

Impetuous youth that he was, Nathan could find no fault in this question. He didn’t need to think about it For another second. “I will!” Nathan declared, “I will give my soul!” In the darkness, a wild laugh burst out that only Nathan could hear.


Dear reader, you are undoubtedly wise enough or experienced in the ways of the world that you know that it was no ordinary subconscious voice in Nathan Carter’s mind that night. It was the Devil making a claim for his soul, drawing him in with Nathan’s own wants and desires. Of course, as you will also be keenly aware, there is not a deal yet made with the Devil in all recorded human history that did not have some trickery about it. Yes, these days, Nathan Carter is a star, but only in Ireland and even then, mainly outside the Pale. He’s famous for his music in the small category of Irish Country Music. Far from The Beatles on that count. His fans, adoring as they may be, are all 50 plus – if not in body, all certainly are in mind. Nathan even has his own TV show on RTE, where, lest we forget, Craig Doyle had three different TV shows; 4 if you’re really generous. Nathan has gotten everything that he asked for but none of what he really wants.

Remember this cautionary tale, dear reader. If you dream of fame and success, the Devil may offer to assist you. However, the Devil will surely trick you as nothing in this world comes so easy as that. See then what you might risk and be warned: you could end up like Nathan Carter: living a soulless existence, damned to sing Wagon Wheel night after night, and presenting a show on RTE for your sins. Heaven forbid!