By Any Other Name

Fiance: to whom one is betrothed.

I dislike the word. Now, I don’t have to use it anymore, but I feel it still needs to be noted that fiance is a terribly unwieldy word for a loved one.

Wife… now, wife is nice. Husband is, well, it’s fine. Hubby, that’s a little sweeter, like wifey. Of course, both are informal.

Mr and Mrs.

Mr and Mr.

Mrs and Mrs.

Mx and Mx.

All of these are a step above fiance.

I would even go so far as to rank “Co-Habiting Other” above fiance and that is a purely bureaucratic term.

Herself. Himself. Yer wan. Yer man. The hun. The fella. The beure. The feen. In their own way, all preferable to fiance.

Partner. Life Partner. Spouse. Lover. Significant Other. Other Half. Better Half. Ball and Chain. Trouble and Strife. Baby. Beau. Buttercup. Honey. Sweetheart. Sweetie. Sweetie Pie. Sugar. Angel. Prince. Princess. Boo. Darling. Dear. Dearest. Soulmate. Love. M’ghrá. M’chroí. More than a friend. Friend with benefits. Not putting a label on it. Boyfriend. Girlfriend.


Engaged. Maybe that’s the issue. Being engaged is an impermanent condition. It cannot or shouldn’t last indefinitely. Either marry or don’t, but one cannot remain engaged without something, some more permanent condition, to replace it.

A scrum used to set when the referee called “Engage!”

Star Fleet captains order for maximum thrust to be engaged.

Pre-delivery, a baby that is the engaged position must be delivered.

So too, an engagement must end. To my mind, the term fiance is an incentive to force that issue, compelling anyone who is procrastinating to make the transition. It is a low term and while I’m happy to be married, I must say, I am thrilled to no longer refer to either my wife or myself as a fiance.

There are so many other names we could call each other. Some choice words, mainly, I expect.