Humour / poetry

Love and Health and Safety

You brighten up the darkest day

With subtle smile and gentle way,

Under your charm I long to stay

And from your arms I will not stray.

Yet, I must be clear from the start,

vowing until death do us part

requires us both to be smart

and avoid danger like an art.

So if a fire alarm sounds,

why then, I think we would have grounds,

to find alternative surrounds

than those that may be burning down.

Also, those moonlight walks we share

are risky, you must be aware.

And so I got – because I care –

These high-viz vests for us to wear.

Yes, I vow to love you purely,

not to leave you prematurely,

when traveling I will surely

fasten my seatbelt securely.

I’ll forego risk and all that’s new

for one point absolutely true,

that these things I promise to do

are all to live longer with you.