Everything a Man Thinks is Wrong

Walking home from the pub in the small hours of the morning, I saw a woman sitting alone on the street. No coat. No friends nearby. She was sitting on the front steps of a shop with her eyes fixed on the ground before her.

Usually, I would let things be and mind my own business, but as I was about to pass I thought, “It’s a bit late, probably not safe for her to be out alone.”

And then I thought, “That’s a bit sexist of me, thinking that she’s not safe. She’s just a woman on her own, what’s wrong there?”

And then I thought, “Well there are terrible people about and you never know, probably best be safe.”

And then I thought, “What if she thinks I’m some creep trying to hit on her while she’s a bit vulnerable?”

And then I thought, “Look, just check if she’s OK.”

So I stop and I ask “Are you OK there?”

She says “Yeah, I’m fine” and she gives me a look up and down. And do you know what she says?

“Are you OK though, hun?”

I say “I’m grand, yeah.”

And I walk off.

Can you believe she said that?

The patronising arsehole!